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Scent can evoke powerful feelings within us, and our collection of self-care products is designed to capture our thoughts and emotions. Clean ingredients meet complex, sophisticated fragrances for elegant products that nourish and pamper our bodies while telling our stories through the power of scent.

Let your story be felt, not seen.


A feeling more potent than a memory. It’s a sensation beyond the comprehension of eyes, ears and touch. It can make you laugh and cry, and it will make you wonder.Your fragrance tells your story. It lingers, like a foggy memory of a meaningful conversation. It reveals just enough of your essence to be seen, while leaving a bit of mystery behind.

This is the essence of Endseen.


Each fragrance takes its name and inspiration from life’s small moments of solitude, possibility and wonder. From the simple luxury of a freshly turned-down bed, to the anticipation that comes from switching off life’s obligations and daring to imagine the future, these are the moments that define our sense of self. They can’t be seen, but they are felt, and we believe they should inspire us to nourish ourselves everyday.


After a childhood surrounded by the rich aromas of the French Riviera, Richard began his career as an apprentice for Pierre Bourdon. A master of his craft, Bourdon taught him that each perfume should be treated as a work of art. “When working on a fragrance, I love when there is an immediate emotional response,” Richard says. “It is my own act of improvisation.”


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